New Product - Monster Sofa

As our 18 month old Annabelle started to really enjoy reading, we thought, wouldn't it be great if she could do that in the comfort of a sofa that is designed for her size and need, without compromising on style, of course. So here it is, the latest addition to our shop, the Monster Kid Sofa.

  • Not just a sofa but a monster sofa: it comes with horns, tail, and a side pocket to keep a couple of favourite reads handy.
  • A little handle on the top, so your little one can drag it around and pivots him/herself in the most desirable spot.
  • Super comfortable, just like our bumpermat:)
  • Easy to clean (wipe!), making it a great spot for snack breaks, or a change of scenery from meals on the high chair. 
  • Garden-friendly: goodbye deck chairs, sofa in the garden is no longer a dream.

 We are stocking up shortly, please watch this space.