About us


Hi, I am Annabelle. At the time of writing I was five month old who perplexed my mum: I had not yet mastered rolling or crawling, but I could somehow move myself. My mum often placed me in the centre of my brightly-coloured, all-singing all-dancing playmat, then when she returned from a loo break, she'd find me on the lovely wooden floor banging my head against the sofa foot.

My mum then went on a mission searching for a playmat with walls, or a baby playpen that has protection pads, but could not find anything like that, or pretty enough, in this country.

After some extreme googling during my nursing hours, she eventually found this lovely Foldaway Bumpermat from South Korea. I love it! It has helped me along every developmental milestone: tummy time, learn to roll, the super wobbly sitting-up, pulling myself up and taking my first step. You'll see how much I enjoy it from the pictures in the Blog page. And I hope you and your family will love using this magnificent baby playpen.

The wonderful illustrations are created by the talented artist Nic Farrell, who is represented by Meiklejohn Illustration.

The beautiful photos are taken by photographer Yihe Bai of the little little Gallery.